The Contract is conditioned to obtaining all the licenses or consents necessary for its compliance (except for the importation of the Products by the Customer) for this purpose the Customer must sign all forms and necessary documents, as well as provide KL2B with appropriate assistance.

The Customer will obtain, at its own cost, the licences or consents necessary for the importation of the Products by the Customer and, if necessary or required, the Customer will present evidence thereof to KL2B upon request.

Please note that some items may require licenses that may not be included in our prices. Ask to the person in charge of your operation for more information.


General information of our company:


Paseo Imperial 8 1ºB. 28005. Madrid. Spain
NIF: B86 85 21 83
Tel: (+34) 91 805 05 39


105 Boulevard Chanzy 93100 Montreuil. France
IVA: FR73512078411
Tel: (+33) (0)1 49 44 55 55


Any order implies the unreserved acceptance of our General Sales Conditions, without prejudice to any stipulation to the contrary in the general purchasing conditions of our Customers.


Unless it is indicated that the quoted prices are fixed prices, the prices of the Products or Services will be those that KL2B is charging at the time of shipment or provision of the same, therefore KL2B reserves the right to revise the quoted prices to reflect cost increases, including (without limitation) the costs of raw materials or labour and any variation that occurs in exchange rates.

Customer is responsible for any additional fees and taxes. All quoted prices are valid for a 30 days period from the date of that quotation according to stock availability at the time of purchasing.


KL2B reserves the right to make partial shipments and Customer will accept delivery and pay for the Products delivered. A delayed delivery of any part of an Order does not entitle Customer to cancel other deliveries.

Delivery times are only indicative and possible delays for reasons beyond KL2B's control do not give the Customer the right to cancel the order, to reject the merchandise or to claim damages.

In the event that the Customer returns or refuses to accept a delivery of the Products in accordance with the provisions of our order acknowledgment, KL2B may choose, at its discretion, to bill the Customer for said Products or to deliver and invoice the Customer the pending Products or suspend or cancel the other deliveries by virtue of the provisions of the order acknowledgment. KL2B may store at the Customer's risk the products that the latter refuses to accept and the Customer must pay, in addition to the invoice amount, all the costs of such storage and other additional costs or transportation incurred as a result of said refusal.

After a period of 3 months after the date on which the payment should have been made, KL2B may dispose of the Products in the way it sees fit.

If the Order involves more than one delivery, and there is a non-payment, KL2B may suspend all or some of the deliveries pending payment or terminate the Contract in its entirety by written notice to the Customer.


The process of return of products will be initiated if agreement between both parties, Customer and KL2B within the framework of the agreed conditions. And as long as the condition of the products supplied is respected.

Any material return will not be accepted without the corresponding RMA from KL2B.


According to the Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, we have available a data file that can be rectified, cancelled or oppose to it. You only need to get in touch with us.

The details of the holder of the database are:

Service Provider: KL2B KBUY S.L.
NIF: B86 85 21 83
Address: Paseo Imperial 8, 1º B. 28005. Madrid
Phone: +34 91 805 05 39Email: ralonso@kl2b.com

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at privacypolicy@natopart.com.


Unless otherwise agreed in writing, payment of invoices must be made in full without deductions or compensation of any kind.

KL2B reserves the right to modify or cancel the credit authorized to the Client, with prior notification.

KL2B is entitled to claim interest in accordance with Law 3/2004 and any other applicable legislation.

All bank fees shall be borne by the customer.


The Customer declares and warrants that it will not violate any legislation of any country regarding the export of the Products. The Customer is responsible to inform KL2B when the product is to be exported to countries in conflict.

KL2B is not responsible for problems in the export of the product once supplied.


KL2B will be deemed to have fulfilled its contractual obligations with respect to deliveries, considering a difference of ten percent over the amount specified in our acknowledgment of receipt to be admissible. In this case, the Client will pay for the amount that has actually been delivered.


There will be no liability for KL2B for visible defects or non-conformities and / or for having delivered a lower quantity if it does not receive a written claim from the Customer within 14 days after delivery of the Products. When KL2B accepts responsibility for having delivered less than the agreed amount, its only obligation will be to supplement said delivery until the agreed amount is delivered.

KL2B warranties do not cover wear and tear caused by normal use and will not apply to Products that have been subjected to misuse or abuse, neglect, accident, damage, or improper storage, installation or maintenance.


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