The United States Senate supports $ 750 billion for national defense programs

After that the most senior member Mac Thornberry (R-TX) was trying to reverse the cuts contained in the bill proposed by President Adam Smith (D-WA).

Thornberry proposed an amendment that would add $ 17 billion to the defense law to reach that $ 750 billion level. It should be noted that these figures include the Department of Defense, as well as nuclear programs in the Department of Energy, and defense-related programs in agencies outside the Department of Defense.

The US Senate approved the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2020 on June 27 with a bipartisan vote of 86-8. The Senate-passed bill supports a total of $ 750 billion for national defense programs, including the Department of Defense programs and the national security activities of the Department of Energy, despite concerns from congressional Democrats over the size spending totals, an expansion of the U.S. nuclear arsenal and a lack of a check on President Donald Trump’s war powers.

The House of Representatives version of the defense authorization bill for fiscal year 20 is $ 733 billion, which is the level originally envisaged by the White House before the president increased the request to $ 750 billions .

It was also agreed to add approximately 6,200 service members to the active duty force next year, divided into: 2,500 members to the Navy, 2,000 to the Army, 1,700 to the Air Force and 100 to the Marine Corps.

Monetarily included approximately $ 300 million in new spending authorities to improve military housing, $ 10 billion for 94 fifth-generation Joint Strike Fighter aircraft, eight fourth-generation F-15X aircraft for $ 948 million, shortening the request of the F-15X administration at $ 162 million. It also authorizes $ 2.8 billion for 15 KC-46A aircraft, twelve new ships are included for $ 24.1 billion, submarines including $ 4.7 billion and some more expenses for the army that include AH-64E Apaches, armored vehicles, among others.

So that to have an idea of ​​the impact and concern of the United States on their interests, a few months ago we saw Russian President Vladimir Putin talking about the amount approved for defense in Russia was around $ 50 billion dollars and where he announced that the amount approved by the pentagon was almost 10 times more.

Written by Cesar Garcia

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