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To start, let’s take a look at the benefits of the NATO Codification System (NCS), which includes operational and economic advantages.

With the use of a standard numerical system to identify spares, it establishes a common supply language that simplifies the technical dialogue, which standardizes a full range of information on all Items of supply (IoS). An IoS is an Item of Production which a responsible supply management authority has determined as being required to meet a specific logistics requirement.

This along with the use of computer technology to support data means that the acquisition of spare parts and maintenance of common equipment gets quicker and easier. An accurate description of the IoS permit users readily identifies spares or substitute them with other who meet the requirements.

Nearly 50% of the components of the components used in the design of new equipment are already codified in the NATO inventory, this becomes an economic benefit, reducing the production of new IoS concept. The database should permit a better knowledge of the stocked parts, but this is not always completely fulfilled.

The facilitation for developing guidelines, effectiveness, and the promotion of recycling because of the knowledge of the hazardous and precious materials that compose the Item are other interesting advantages. 

Written by Jacqueline Abrego

Jacqueline Abrego is Naval Engineer and a Supply Chain Management Expert

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