The Cloud, as maintenance system for aircraft

Approximately 25 years ago the maintenance of aircraft began to be digital, and nowadays, with the cloud as technology, this movement has expanded very rapidly in the last 10 years.

It used to be that everyone had their own data center, and the challenge was how to maintain this myriad of individual systems while putting the necessary information in the hands of people in the field, today access to the cloud exists in any where you can access the Internet from any computer using the familiar interface of a web browser and the specific cloud service.

Microsoft specifically has been developing a software capable of monitoring each piece of an aircraft with the help of hundreds of sensors and indicate in real time the operation of these, sending a report on each flight to indicate which parts are in good condition and which need to change before having any serious problem.

This technology implies innumerable advantages for the aviation industry, since in addition to facilitating the task of suppliers and technicians, it makes aircraft safer and more efficient.

From a commercial perspective, the cost savings that can be obtained are very high and the current maintenance records are everywhere where the technicians are, compared to when you had to go to a specific computer to get access to that information. And from the perspective of the mechanic, it extends access to maintenance data from any computer with Internet access. The productivity of technicians increases, along with compliance and safety.

The cloud is rapidly displacing legacy information systems in the maintenance operations of the aviation industry.

While standards and supplier integration remain key to moving forward, we are in an information revolution in the aviation maintenance industry. The potential is enormous and grows as more and more companies join the vision.

Written by Cesar Garcia

Cesar Garcia is Automation and Control Engineer and a Supply Chain Management Expert

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